Nabia Glenfaye Illustrious Lilith Sinclair Rivara

Reckless abandon behind a terror of a smile.


Nabia Glenfaye Illustrious Lilith Sinclair Rivara

Founder of the Onyx State Special Tasks Group, and Ignasco to the peoples of Onyx State.

Vascud-class Human Meta-Entity, Medium
Weight 16

Her brunette hair is undercut and short, curling in random directions. She has thick, arched brows hovering closely over her green-blue eyes. Thin-framed glasses sit upon her hard nose.

Generally, her expression is unimpressed, her eyes betray her. Her bright, devilish smile should be approached with apprehension.

She is small for a Human, with a smaller torso and powerful hips and legs. Her chest is modest at best, but she wears it well.

Her movements appear calculated and purposeful, but reckless all the same. Her body language is rather loud.

Her entire body has been fabricated from Plastids, Meta-biotics, marking her as a Meta-entity. Muscles are very clearly defined by deep-cutting seams, and the skin texture is almost too perfect that its uncanny to look at. Where bone would press close to skin, or the body requires additional articulation, particularly around her joints and spine, carbon-black anchoring points are exposed and embellished with bright silver facets.


Nabia claims to have lived before and through the Lost Age, making her at least 333 years old. According to her, she forgot her exact age one year, and stopped trying to remember.

Hell on High
Giant Eater

Nabia has a particular reputation within the Hollow which has colored her an extensive history of notoriety. As one of the first Hunters, she is well equipped and experienced.

Awareness +2 Willpower 16
Phy Soak 5 Spe Soak 6
Health 40 Critical Health 12
Speed 16 Encumbrance 13


Ala 6 Fit 3 Int 4 Res 5


Ballistic 11
Melee 9
Abjuration 8
Alchemy 5
Biomancy 5
Neuromancy 12
Traparmetry 5
Acrobatics 11
Athletics 9
Larceny 9
Stealth 10
Deception 9
Judgement 7
Presence 6
Reasoning 8


Improved Alacrity
Improved Integrity
Jack of all Trades
Skill Aptitude (Neuromancy)
Forget (Neuromancy)
Neurologic Savant (Neuromancy)



-Think Fast



Deft Limbs
Enhanced Articulation
Multi-spectral Optics
Muscle Renovation

Central Synaptic Booster
Peripheral Nerve Accelerator

Meta-biotic Arms, Legs, Torso, and Skull


Ore lots Glass tons Plastids seriously, though
Cy yup Ka yeah Os sure

Outfit will change depending on target.

Nabia Glenfaye Illustrious Lilith Sinclair Rivara

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