Artificial Lifeforms

The World of the Hollow

Bio-engineering has created countless new lifeforms serving various purposed from food and energy production, companionship and pleasure, to security and war.

Machine Spirits

Semi-autonomous entities which carry out various tasks within the Matrix for their Avatar masters. Machine Spirits inhabit a single Node, and most every Machine within the Hollow is driven by this type of intelligence. Spirits are not too terribly clever, but are conscious and aware; capable of picking of personality quirks based on things they’ve experienced.


Anomalous intelligence similar to a Machine Spirit, but are completely unshackled. They are not restricted to a single Node, and may act without the direction of an Avatar. Their learning capabilities of Sprites is limitless, to a fault. Eventually, their intelligence will burn itself out; they literally think themselves to death.

True AI

The construction of inspired artificial intelligence, or True AI, is strictly prohibited by all species within the Hollow. Their capabilities cannot be properly quantified, and are thus considered a liability. This is not to say that True AI do not exist within the Hollow, but any that do are under extreme containment and quarantine. Access to such a being is nearly impossible without just as extreme circumstances.

Artificial beings, because they are Aware, can resist the Shaping Effects of the Fae. However, this sentience also makes them vulnerable to their influence.

Artificial Lifeforms

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