Biocyte Swarm


Euclid-class, Small
Weight 1

Awareness 0 Willpower 0
Phy Soak 0 Special Soak 0
Health 21 Critical Health 4
Speed 15, fly & freedom Encumbrance 4
Bashing Weakness
Piercing Resistant
Slashing Neutral
Suppression Neutral
Electrical Neutral
Thermal Weakness
Vacuous Neutral


Ala 4 Fit 1 Int 1 Res 1


Melee 9
Acrobatics 8
Athletics 1
Larceny 8
Stealth 8

Passive Qualities

These are always active.

Very Distracting

All targets suffer a -2 penalty to all Actions while they remain within Touch Range of the Aberration. This effect does not stack.


The Aberration may move through and/or into Occupied Squares, except for Impassible Terrain.

The Aberration will only suffer 1 Damage from Actions which do not deal Damage in an AoE. The Kin will suffer 3 Damage from Full Auto Weapons.

The Aberration is controlled by a Biological Lock.

The Aberration is Immune to Neuromancy and Social Combat.

Active Abilities

Actions used during their Turn.

Melee Actions

Melee Actions may be made against a single targets within Touch Range. If the Aberration has Occupied the same Square as their target, this Action automatically succeeds. A successful Melee Attack Action will deal 1d6 + 1 Slashing Damage which ignores Armor Protection and Insulation.

Biocyte Swarm

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