Fae Kin


Kin are the echoes of those warped by the Fae during the Lost Age.

Do not mistake them for simple monsters; unintelligent animals. They were once Eros, why wouldn’t they be as clever? Since the Lost Age, they have grown much more organized and reclusive. Their movements should be taken seriously given the cost of any sortie. Their numbers are finite, and though are appear to be unaging, they are hardly immortal.

Inherent Kin Traits

All Kin have the following Qualities.

Collective Vision

All Kin share LoS of each other; if a Kin can draw LoS to a target, all Kin within Long Range may also do the same.

Enhanced Regeneration

Kin will regenerate 1d6 Health at the beginning of each of the Kin’s Turns.


Kin gain automatic Admin Access to Nodes which are within Direct Access Range. Access is lost if the Kin or Node is moved beyond this range.

Osmium Weakness

Osmium based attacks deal Double Damage to the Kin.




Fae Kin

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