Feats Listing



The Character gains a +5 to Initiative Tests.
The Character cannot be caught Flat-Footed by Hiding targets.


Increase the Character’s Speed by 2.
The Character may gain or remove the Prone Condition as a Free Action once per Round.


Once per Round, the Character may make a single Melee Action after a Sprint Action as a Swift Action.

Fast Hands

Once per Round, the Character may make a Ready Action as a Swift Action.

Witch Hunter

If a target attempts to use a Power within Touch Range, the Character may attempt a Melee Attack as a Swift Action. If Successful, the target automatically fails to activate their Power.

Additionally, the Character may re-roll any failed Willpower Check versus an incoming Neuromancy Power.

Ritual Casting

The Character may use any Power as a single Non-Combat Action without consuming a Mancy Charge.

Keen Eyed

The Character does not suffer from penalties to their Actions due to Range.

Feats Listing

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