Giant-Class Fae

The Fae

Inherent Giant Traits

All Giants have the following Qualities.

Fearless and Relentless

Fae are immune to Levels of Exhaustion and Fear.

Frightful Presence

Targets who move within Medium Range LoS of Fae will suffer a single Level of Fear.

This effect does not Stack unless in the presence of multiple Fae.

Immaculate Aura

Actions made against Fae beyond Long Range automatically fail. Additionally, any Actions made within Long by Actors with an Inactive Aura, or that lack an Aura thereof, will automatically fail.

This is a Shaping Effect.

It will not die

Fae will regenerate all lost Heath, BUT NOT CRITICAL HEALTH, and removes all Poison Tokens at the beginning of the Fae’s Turn.

Masters of the Universe

Fae may use any and all Mancy Cantrips.


Fae are Aware of everything within Long Range. Osmium may still or obstruct LoS.

Powerful Will

Fae Willpower cannot be reduced below 9.

Any Character who attempts to use a Neuromancy Cantrip against a Fae will immediately suffer 1d6 Psychic Damage.

Characters will also suffer 1d6 Psychic Damage every Round they maintain Basic Access with a Fae. Characters who gain Basic Access will immediately become infected with Desperation Disease.

Fae cannot be Dominated, but if a Character manages to Successfully use Dominate on a Fae, the Fae will become Stunned and all Neuromancy, Shaping, and Annihilation abilities will remain inactive until the beginning of the Character’s next Turn.


Fae cannot be Stunned.



Giant-Class Fae

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