Living Failure


A monument to failed Unseelie experimentation.

Kute-class Aberration, Huge
Weight 17


Awareness 0 Willpower 7
Phy Soak 7 Special Soak 5
Protection 7, coverage 8 Insulation 6, coverage 8
Health 42 Critical Health 13
Speed 11, Freedom Encumbrance 25


Ala 2 Fit 7 Int 3 Res 4


Melee 11
Biomancy 12
Neuromancy 9
Acrobatics 1
Athletics 7
Larceny 2
Stealth 1
Deception 2
Judgement 4
Presence 7
Reasoning 3

Passive Qualities

These are always active.

Energy Resistance

The Aberration takes half Damage from Electricity and Thermal.

Frightful Presence

All targets within Close Range LoS of the Kin will suffer the Shaken Condition if they are not already.

Horrid Droning

All targets suffer a -3 penalty to all Actions while they remain within Close Range of the Aberration. This effect does not stack.

Turbulent Presence

All NeuNet connections cease function while they remain within Close Range of the Aberration.

Active Abilities

Actions used during their Turn.

Biostatic Pulse (Biomancy, Conjuration)

Deal 2d6 + 6 Electrical Damage to all targets within Close Range regardless of LoS.

A successful Dodge Action will reduce Damage taken by half.

Melee Attacks

Melee Actions may be made against up to 2 targets within Close Range. A successful Melee Attack Action will deal 1d6 + 8 Suppression Damage. The Aberration’s Melee Attacks will ignore half the target’s Armor Coverage.

Swallow Whole

As a Swift Action, the Aberration may Isolate a target it has Pinned. So long as the target remains Pinned by the Aberration in this way, they will remain Isolated, and suffer 2d6 Suppression Tokens per Round.

Living Failure

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