Shortly after the Lost Age, Marshal researchers converted the vitrified remains of a Fae into Plastids, the advent of Meta-biotics. Hunting Fae and their Kin has become more than just a means of survival; they are prey to be harvested for a precious commodity.

Plastids are still an Illicit material; the risks of crafting Meta-biotics from Fae matter are still unknown.

Meta-biotics may only be purchased within Special Facilities, found within Marshal Forts, or rarely, and illicitly, within Guild Halls.

Meta-Biotic Enhancements

Similar to Biotics, these are similar to Upgrades for Equipment, but for the Character’s body.

They Character may take each Meta-Biotic Enhancment once.

Central Synaptic Booster – 2 Plastids & 3 Cyclogen & 21 Nanophile

The Character gains an additional Swift Action to use per Round.

Peripheral Nerve Accelerator – 2 Plastids & 3 Cyclogen & 21 Nanophile

The Character’s Maximum Ballistic and Melee Ranks are increased by 2.

Meta-Biotic Prosthetics

Meta-Biotic Prothetics are designed and engineered from the ground up using Plastids. Meta-biotics will replace a Character’s existing structures entirely, and are said to feel more natural than mundane counterparts. Each Meta-biotic structure, from skin to bone, vein to vital organ, is a self-contained and modular system, like parts within a vehicle. Damaged organs can be easily removed and replaced by simply removing obstructing components. The only vulnerable organ within a Meta-entity remains the brain.

Characters have 2 Arms, 2 Legs, 1 Skull, and 1 Torso. A Character cannot take more than 2 Prosthetic Arms because they only have 2 Arms, etc.

Characters may also construct entirely new bodies, but no body is functional without all Limbs.

Ạ̢̥͙̣͕̕rm – 3 Plastids & 18 Nanophile

Gain +1 Health;
Increase Throw Range by +2 (does not stack);
Increase Melee Damage by +1 (does not stack).
Increase Weight by 1.

Leg – 3 Plastids & 27 Nanophile

Gain +1 Health;
Increase Speed by 1;
Increase Encumbrance by 1;
Reduce Speed Cost of Jump by 1.
Increase Weight by 1.

Torso – 5 Plastids & 27 Nanophile

Increase Health by +2.
Increase Critical Health by +3.
Increase Willpower by 1;
The Character base Soak is increased by +1.
The Character is immune to the Execution Action.
Increase Weight by 2.

Skull – 4 Plastids & 18 Nanophile

Increase Health by +1.
Increase Willpower by 1;
Gain a +2 bonus to Awareness.
Gain a +1 bonus to Investigation.
Increase Weight by 1.


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