To the Unseelie a Psion is the pinnacle of their ambition, a living monument to their beliefs and their work toward ascension. Psions are Aberration created by the court; beings that have been welded into a single body and mind.

Apart from the Fae, Psion are the greatest and most immediate threat.

Keter-class Aberration, Giant
Weight 19


Awareness +2 Willpower 16
Phy Soak 7 Special Soak 6
Protection 10, coverage 8 Insulation 9, coverage 8
Health 58 Critical Health 13
Speed 10, Freedom Encumbrance 26


Ala 3 Fit 7 Int 9 Res 6


Ballistic 3
Melee 12
Biomancy 12
Neuromancy 12
Acrobatics 3
Athletics 7
Larceny 3
Stealth 3
Deception 6
Judgement 12
Presence 10
Reasoning 9

Passive Qualities

These are always active.

Aggressive Ideas (Neuromancy)

The Aberration will roll a Neuromancy Test, opposed by Neuromancy against all targets within Medium Range. Targets who fail will suffer 1d6 Psychic Damage.

Any target with an Inactive Aura within Long Range will immediately become infected with Desperation Diseased.

Command Husks

The Psion may control the Actions of all Husks or Living Effigy within Extreme Range.


Targets within Close Range will suffer 3d6 Damage per round they remain which cannot be Soaked.

This is a Shaping Effect.

Energy Resistance

The Aberration reduces Electricity and Thermal by half.

Fearless and Relentless

The Aberration is immune to Levels of Exhaustion and Fear.

Frightful Presence

Targets within Close Range of the Kin must make a Judgement Test every Round they remain or gain a Level of Fear.

Osmium Allergy

Osmium based attacks deal Double Damage to the Aberration.

Active Abilities

Actions used during their Turn.

Efficient Biostatic Pulse (Biomancy, Conjuration)

Deal 2d6 + 9 Electrical Damage to all targets within Medium Range regardless of LoS.

A successful Dodge Action will reduce Damage taken by half.

Melee Attack

Melee Actions may be made against all targets within Close Range. A successful Melee Attack Action will deal 1d6 + 9 Bashing Damage. The Aberration’s Melee Attacks will ignore half the target’s Armor Coverage.

Reach Attack

A Melee Attack Action which may be made against a single target within Medium Range dealing 1d6 + 9 Bashing Damage. The Aberration will ignore half the target’s Armor Coverage.


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