Races of the Hollow

The Character

This term race is synonymous with species, and each race possesses their own set of unique inherent qualities.


Eros, Small
Weight 4

Each Daemon is a colony of symbiotic lifeforms acting with a single body and consciousness; one cannot survive without the others. Daemon use a combination of audio, somatic, and pheromone components to communicate between symbiotes and other Daemon. While the former is easy enough to learn, other races are incapable of understanding Daemon pheromonal speech without assistance. Additionally, Daemon pheromones may temporarily impair speech functions of other species in proximity.

Daemon discovered interplanetary travel, and interstellar travel for that matter, in a fraction of the time taken by other space-faring races within the Hollow. As a result, their bodies have adapted very little to environments unlike their own homework: hot and humid. They never felt inclined to colonize any planet or region which felt uncomfortable to this end.

Daemon Architecture and Technology is a reflection of their own symbiotic nature. Technology has some kind of haptic feedback or some other reactionary or context sensitive interface, utilizing Cyclogen in most structures. To this end, technology can look very industrial, if not organic in concept, what with badder like or bulbous forms and coiling tubes.

Aggressive Pheromones

Daemon gain +2 bonus on Social Combat rolls vs non-Daemon targets within Close Range.

Daemon automatically gain the ChemTagging Language for free.


Daemon are Small Sized Targets.

Daemon Base Health is reduced by 3.

Thermal Resistance

Daemon Soak versus Thermal Damage is increased by half, and do not suffer penalties from Extreme Heat.


Eros, Medium
Weight 7

Being a strictly space-faring race, and masters of Biotech, their biology has been extensively modified to adapt to an almost constant existence on board their organic stellar vessels. For centuries they have been on the run from the Fae, and this constant stress has stunted their abilities to socialize, hardening them from platonic connection. They aren’t heartless sociopaths, however. They are just not used to opening up. Or leisure.

Divine have a unique nervous system; each Divine is actually two separate beings. Though each Aura has a distinct “fingerprint”, both entities share the same mind within their body; they are the same person. Only one entity will have control of their body and mind at a time. While one is active, the other is sleeping. This combined with natural Divine physiology allows the Divine to remain awake indefinitely. They may, however, still require Rest to recover from damage and exertion.

Divine Architecture and Technology expresses their masterful Biotech. Everything is biologically engineered and cultured to fulfill a designated, singular, purpose. Everything is “built” ready-made; no assembly required. This can be a double-edged sword; where technology can naturally repair itself, Divine technology is difficult to repurpose. Visually, Divine-tech has be described as “black-bones” given their extensive use of Osmium.


Divine do not require a Long Rest each Day, and will gain the benefits of a Long Rest as part of any Short Rest.


Divine suffer a Disadvantage on Social Combat Action, except for their Counter Actions where they will gain an Advantage.

Vacuous Resistance

Divine Soak versus Vacuous Damage is increased by half, and does not suffer penalties from Extreme Cold, nor Poison Tokens from a Hard Vacuum.


Eros, Medium
Weight 6

Humans have no real distinguishing features or qualities which set them apart from other species. They are not built for any specific environment or purpose; they are very plain in this way. This does, however, allow them to be highly adaptable. Humans have an almost unnatural talent of finding a way around any obstacle. Their unshakable individualism is asymmetric, emotional, and irrational, but rewards them a powerful will to achieve.

This individualism has unfortunately created an extensive history of conflict and self-inflicted limitation. Varying cultures would clash over arbitrary differences, or attempt to sunder their individualism to cure a social malady. Humanity had confined themselves on their own small planet in fear of itself, and the unknown; their greatest enemy has always been themselves. They had just begun to unlearn this abuse of their greatest strength; they will not allow an outside force to thrust them back into those dark ages.

Human Architecture and Technology follows their ability to adapt to any situation. Everything built by Humanity is simple, efficient, and modular allowing them to be easily repaired, replaced, or modified. Set-up and tear-down is simple, and materials are light and easy to handle and maintain. Disassembly, and thus Glass, in this way was a Human invention.


Humans are provided with 3 additional Skill Points at Character Creation.


Humans may ignore the first Level of Exhaustion or Fear they experience per Day.

Will to Live

If a Human becomes Unconscious or Incapacitated, their Aura remains Active for a full Round before falling Inactive.


Eros, Large
Weight 9

Terrasque have an almost insatiable interest in the cosmos much impart due to their deceptively complex sensory organs. They literally see the world in a way unfathomable to all other species within the Hollow, and they themselves are caught in a constant battle to understand what exactly it is they are seeing.

Terrasque physiology also seems to draw energy directly from ambient electrical energy; they eat lighting. This allows them to go days without eating if their is adequate ambient energy in their environment so long as they do not exert themselves too much. This abnormal physiology does make them more resistant to electrical energy, but they are not immune to its damage.

Terrasque Architecture and Technology can be described specifically as occult; its doesn’t seem to work by any known understanding of nature. Their fearsome technology requires bulky platforms etched with their strange language which appear to manipulate magnatic, fluid Kamatite.

Electrical Resistance

Terrasque Soak versus Electrical Damage is increased by half.

Additionally, Terrasque Health regeneration during a Rest is doubled while within an Electrostatic Field or Urban Corridor.


Terrasque are Large Size Targets.

Terrasque Base Health is increased by 3.

Special Eyes

The Terrasque gain automatic access to Dweomersense and Racket Cantrips.

Races of the Hollow

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