The World of the Hollow


Characters from Jaqek see a +1 Bonus to Larceny Rank, and +1 bonus to either Presence, Abjuration, or Neuromancy chosen at Character Creation.

Jaqek has been ground zero for the World’s greatest conflicts, and as such has been under foreign occupation for the majority of its existence. The Nation was once used as an Old Sovereignty ship-yard constructing Kingdom’s war machines and Fleetships. During the Breach, the Sovereignty hastily evacuated to contain the incursion of Fae, stranding many who were native to Jaqek.

Decades later, the Breach was Sealed by the first Hunters, but Jaqek was in no condition to support itself. Lar’Engel quickly annexed the Nation, defying the Old Sovereignty. Lar’Engel provided aid to those refugeed by the events, but were more interested in the unique material now taking root in the Acacia Region of Jaqek.

During the Upheaval, the Old Sovereignty attempted to take Jaqek, making a sneak attack on Lar’Engel forces based within the Nation. They had hoped they could control the distribution of Acacia, and bolster their own troops with the miracle. The conflict ripped Jaqek apart; Fleetship ordinance and debris rained from the sky like meteors, and the conflict ultimately razed the Acacia fields, leaving the material a precious and limited commodity. Both the Lar’Engel and Kingdom Fleets had been shattered; the Sovereignty could no longer defend itself, and Lar’Engel fled Jaqek in ruins.


Characters from Kingdom see a +1 bonus to Acrobatics Rank, and +1 bonus to either Judgement, Biomancy, or Abjuration chosen at Character Creation.

Kingdom was home to the Old Sovereignty, and thus the source of most of the events that shaped the current World. Early Divine colonists settled here, enjoying the cooler environments reflective of their life on stellar vessels, and even cannibalized their ships as the first means of shelter. Eventually, the colonists gained access to The Caal, and discovered their Observatory. During the Lost Age, the colonists sheltered themselves within the walls of the mountain, beneath the Spires, and officially established Kingdom as a Nation.

Kingdom was once the strongest and wealthiest Nation within the Hollow, and remains prosperous even today. The Sovereignty was able to repair Factories and reopen the Observatory Spires. They had brought stability to the Hollow, and most Nations had sworn their fealty to Sovereign Law. The Nation was also responsible for the construction of the Borderlands Pylons and the formation of the Marshals in collaboration with Lar’Engel. They also founded the Hunters, officially.

However, the first real incursions of the Fae into the Hollow, as well as the growing success of the Hunters, placed enormous stress on Kingdom politics and resources. Confidence in the Sovereignty and the Nation of Kingdom had begun to fail. During the Upheaval, what remained of Sovereign leadership fled into the Heart, The Caal, sealing the subterranean Bazaars, and cutting the World off from the Nation’s Observatory.


Characters from Lar’Engel see a +1 bonus to Athletics Rank, and +1 bonus to either Reasoning, Neuromancy, or Alchemy chosen at Character Creation.

One of the first colonies established by Humanity within the Hollow, and has since become and remained a powerful authority within the World. Lar’Engel is currently ruled by a King and a citizen elected Council of peers who advise the King in the favor of the people. This system developed during the Lost Age where the world was in total chaos. The first King has a less than reputable background as a pirate reportedly using one of the few operational Fleetships during the Lost Age to raid various settlements.

After the Jaqek Breach was sealed, Kingdom was too weak to protect or even aid the Nation. Lar’Engel formally annexed Jaqek at the contempt of the Old Sovereignty. While the King was concerned for the desolate people of Jaqek, she was more interested in what would be called the miracle. Lar’Engel’s future strength and prosperity can be traced directly from their occupation of Jaqek.

In the early months of the Upheaval, the Sovereignty assaulted Lar’Engel occupants within Jaqek for control of Acacia. Although the conflict ultimately led to the Upheaval, Lar’Engel military forces were crippled, and the Nation was left nearly defenseless. Lar’Engel was effectively knocked out of the fight against the Sovereignty, and were forced to abandon Jaqek.


Characters from Minerva see a +1 bonus to their Acrobatics Rank, and +1 bonus to either Abjuration, Alchemy, or Traparmetry chosen at Character Creation.

Minerva as a whole was left mostly unoccupied due to the Nation’s inhospitable temperament. The Sovereign had once mined Nation for Osmium, but the ore’s low purity as well as the effort required to extract the material made trade with Lar’Engel much more attractive. The area wasn’t formally “colonized” until the extravagant arrival of the Terrasque during the Second Breach. That being said, they would not remain within Minerva by choice.

The Second Breach left Minerva a complete no man’s land: topography was completely changed, and the Region was left saturated in exotic particulates. This was of no real consequence give the nature of the Nation, but the Terrasque Impact left behind more than just a crater. Illicit Materials had become burned into the sand, and fragments of the Terrasque’s fearsome technology drew attention from Cultist and entrepreneur alike.

Minerva was quickly quarantined by the Sovereignty, trapping those unable to evacuate to die of exposure, starvation, or radiation. Just like they had trapped the citizens of Jaqek during the first Breach.

The Upheaval would begin soon thereafter in outrage…


Characters from Onyx see a +1 bonus to their Stealth Rank, and +1 bonus to either Deception, Alchemy, or Biomancy chosen at Character Creation.

The first colony ever established within the Hollow by the first Daemon who colonized the World who found the climate most accommodating to their needs. Due to the nature of Daemon culture, the colony remained rather small, and never grew beyond its small shores. The Nation is still governed by a system of tribunal representatives under Daemon Law; the same system that has existed and succeeded since even before the Lost Age.

Onyx was host to the first formally titled Hunters, and the Nation was instrumental in the defeat of the Sovereignty during the Upheaval. Where Lar’Engel succeeds in research and trade, Oynx remains a stable political and military power.

However, during the Jaqek Breach, Onyx suffered a massive outbreak of Desperation Disease which would be exacerbated by the Second Breach. The Old Sovereignty demanded those infected be relinquished to their custody, and quarantined. Onyx’s refusal would lead to their eventual emancipation from the Sovereignty, and the establishment of Onyx State. To this day, Onyx State maintains the largest Asylum of research and treatment of Infected within the Hollow.


Characters from Larceny see a +1 bonus to their Acrobatics Rank, and +1 bonus to either Biomancy, Neuromancy, or Traparmetry chosen at Character Creation.

Virmir may the be youngest Nation within the Hollow after being formed sometime during the Lost Age. The exact history of the Nation is unknown as if it had appeared overnight; founded by misfits, anarchists, and vigilantes who couldn’t or wouldn’t adhere to policy present within the World. Stranger still, prior to the Lost Age, Virmir was completely unoccupied, and the Gates connecting each Nation were yet to be re-established until long after the Lost Age. How did they get there? It is likely they arrived with very little resources available; not even enough to establish proper hydroponics farms. This is evidenced by their practice of and reliance on fishing which persists to this day despite the almost universal taboo on hunting.

Virmir had successfully defended itself during the Jaqek and Second Breach. Some even performed several effective sorties on Giant-Class Fae They were known as the Collars, and popularly refereed to as the Hunters before the Hunters. To this day, Virmir is virtually devoid of any Kin activity, but Cultists activity remains high given the anonymity provided by the Nation.

Vimir was decidedly quite during the Upheaval; the Nation features no central government. All actions made by the Nation are reflected on the collective actions of its citizens. That said, their level of involvement in the war is completely unknowable, nor could any real responsibility be attributed to them under the Nation’s turbulent politicos.


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