…data corruption detected…
…recovery in progress…
…partial data recovery//
WARNING unknown memetic en—-{}—-…
…playback enabled

~LOG.140X65 – approximation

Group 1 – General
Group 2 – Voluntary
Group 3 – Pre-existing
Group 4 – Voluntary
Group 5 – Asylum
Group 6 – Pre-existing
Group 7 – Voluntary
Group 8 – Pre-existing
Group 9 – Voluntary

~LOG.140X65b – approximation

..failed to recover…

~LOG.141I73 – approximation

No reaction from groups 1 through 4, and 6. Groups 7 and 8 exhibited widespread immune response, initially rejecting the biotics, but took well to the new limbs with later Biomancy treatments. After passing R and D, group 9 were fitted with the new biotics without issue.

Testing has gone much better than we had anticipated. Its scary really. The source of the materials used is suspect enough, and our subject have reported that their new parts feel “more natural” than their original flesh. I find myself avoiding the staging areas, and have even begun taking longer routes around the labs to avoid the transposers. Regardless, quarantine remains in effect, and we have detected no abnormalities in any subject. Apart from what the subjects describe as enhanced acuity originating from their new limbs.

However, Group 5 has been removed from Tested, and have been transported and contained off-sight pending further investigation. Specifically, Subject 5j has exhibited abnormalities which cannot be explained. During initial materials transposition and further into biotics weaving, Subject 5j was forced into sedation. 5j complained of intense pain consistent with the weaving process. The Subject suggested that they had become aware of the materials used for their biotics as they were transposed. All other Subjects gained awareness and sensation through their biotics only after they were installed.


All Subjects of Group 5, apart from 5j, have been released from our custody back to the Onyx DD Asylum to be administered immediate Anti-Entheogens. I’ve asked that a few of my researchers accompany them, monitoring any effects this may have on their “Meta-biotics” as we are calling them now.

All remaining Groups were released shortly thereafter. Our Meta-biotcs are now out in the wild. I hope the world is impressed with our work…

5j continues to intrigue: although they are in fact infected with Desperation Disease, no symptoms have manifest, lest arrogance is some sign I haven’t been briefed. Testing confirmed Subject 5j was cognizant of their Meta-biotic Arm both during its weave, and before its installation. On a whim, I asked for 5j’s Arm be removed, if only to see if their awareness of the limb was maintained over distance as before. Stranger still, 5j was delighted with the idea. I detect perhaps a fetishization of the idea, but probed no further.

5j maintained awareness and even control of their Arm even when removed several kilometers from the facility.

This. Should not. Be possible. 5j appears to revel in my frustration. I do not like 5j.

~LOG.141M1 – approximation

..partial data recovery…

E̸͕̝̪̻/̸̺̼̙͍/̸̳̭ ͏̦r̴̻̙y͉̫̥͙̭ ̮̠̘̹͉͎͈ S̤͇̘͖̞̠̘u̲͔b́ject t_//͓̯̩_s͕̰̱ ̟̣̲̫̰͜f̧̹̼͍a҉r has only bee̡ǹ c-pable of inhabiting a single body at a time, but 5j appears capable of maintaining multiple links. This becomes taxing on the Subject as they fight to maintain control of multiple limbs.

I’ve accelerated our efforts for full-body replacement, and we have gained significant, pardon the pun, head-way on the Meta-biotic brain. I wonder how 5j will react with the addition of a complete body, brain and all. Thus far, it seems all Meta-biotics they are linked to remain linked permanently short of complete destruction. Will each body maintain a single personality?


Perhaps too impressed…

I was visited by a DivSov Inquisitor yesterday who informed me my work “could not be permitted to continue”, and the Marshals of all people would take custody of any and all relating to my Meta-biotics research. Polymath discovers the damned things by accident, and now believes he’s entitled to own them.


Didn’t even have the courtesy to approach me himself, who even runs DivSov anymore? I was commissioned and “permitted” BY London himself, and now that I’ve advanced research decades ahead of his arm-chairing nature, he just thinks “well, I’ll have that now, won’t I?”

The Inquisitor was very interested in 5j; I saw maybe almost a spark of rage when I told him they’d disappeared nearly two weeks ago. I provided what little research survived on 5j, but maintained ignorance of 5j’s whereabouts or previous escape. In all honestly, I’ve no clue where 5j has gone, and I’m not entirely sure how they managed their escape. That day is all a blur… I also cannot be certain I didn’t have anything to do with the incident. Consciously or otherwise.

I wish the best of luck to 5j.

We still aren’t friends.


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