Anatomy of a Breach

The World of the Hollow

A Breach is the physical, albeit very partial, manifestation of a Titan’s will within the Hollow. A door is opened into the Titan’s Island of Reality; their dreamscape in which their will is law. However, while this door allows Fae to walk into the Hollow, the door still works both way.

The only recorded cause of a Breach is the failure of a Pylon Grid, or the death of an Observer. However, the destruction of a Pylon is nearly impossible without significant force beyond conventional means within the Hollow, and killing an Observer should be impossible.

While the Breach is left open, the Reality Maelstrom will remain, and while the Gate remains opened to a Titan’s Island, Giants will be allowed to enter into the Hollow. The number of Giants which may be manifest from an Island of Reality is theoretically limitless, but the Giants which enter and remain within the Hollow are finite.

Reality Maelstrom

Regardless the circumstance, upon a Breach of the Hollow, a Kute-class Reality Maelstrom will manifest, marking ground zero of the event. These intense storms are a beachhead for Fae invasion, acting as a gateway into a Titan’s Island of Reality. The Reality Maelstrom appears as a spherical hurricane which encircles everything within extreme range. Additional storms will also be experienced several kilometers around the Maelstrom proper.

The Great Wall

Character’s who enter a Maelstrom will first experience the turbulent outer cloud-layer: the Great Wall. The Great Wall surrounds the entire storm, and is 30 Squares thick. Characters within The Great Wall will experience Extreme Cold, Fog, Wind, and Dim Intensity Light. All NeuNet connections within or moving through a The Great Wall will be lost outside Direct Access Range.

The Dead Zone

Just beyond The Great Wall is a vast zone of less turbulent weather. While Charactes will continue to experience Dim Light and Fog, the Cold and Wind have subsided, and NeuNet Connection may be maintained. NeuNet Connections moving through The Great Wall will still be lost, however. Still, the Maelstrom’s manifestation has destroyed nearly everything it has touched. The Terrain here is Difficult, and Cover is provided only be sparce ruins which have yet to succumb to the storm. The Dead Zone’s diameter varies, but covers most everything within Extreme Range. At the center of the Dead Zone burns a thread of Bright Intensity Light: the Gate.

The Gatehouse

At the center of every Reality Maelstrom is a small pocket of calm space known as the Gatehouse which surrounds the immediate area around the Gate. Anything which enters the Gatehouse without an Active Aura is immedialty Annihilated. The Gate itself appears as a Bright vertical thread of writhing light. Anything within Touch Range of the Gate will be immedialty transported to the Island of Reality beyond.

Anatomy of a Breach

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