The World of the Hollow

Mancy and Consciousness

Conscious beings act as Quantum Singularities, and collapse any Quantum Information they are Aware of. Thus, Reality exists as it does because of conscious beings. Aura is the physical manifestation of a Character’s Awareness; proof of consciousness.

Mancy is the act of using the Character’s Aura to manipulate the collapse of this Quantum Information.

Active and Inactive Aura

Aura has two states: Active and Inactive. Aura is always set to an Active State unless acted upon by an outside force; not even the Character can choose the state of their own Aura.

While Active, Aura is capable of defending against certain Powers as well as Shaping and Annihilation effects, but they become vulnerable to Neuromancy. Powers can only be used while Aura is Active.

While Inactive, the Character is vulnerable to Shaping and Annihilation as well as more destructive Powers, but they are immune to Neuromancy. Powers may not be used while Aura is Inactive.


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