The World of the Hollow

At the very edge of Observer influence are the Borderlands where Aether Pressure is lowest, and reality begins to break down. Chaos begins to seep through the literal cracks left in reality which allow the emergence of Aberration, Kin, and Fae.

The Borderlands are governed only by the Marshals who are the vanguard against the various threats which manifest here. This also makes it open for various illicit activities.

The Marshals

The Marshals are absolute authority on the Borderlands with international jurisdiction. The Marshals patrol the Borderlands as first responders to coming threats. However, they exist merely for containment; they are not trained nor interest in battles of attrition. Hunters will be called into for this express purpose; to clear existential threats.

Hunter relations with the Marshals is hardly friendly competition, or friendly for that matter, but they are comrades in arms, and each necessary.

Aether Depth

Depth refers to the distance someone is from an Observer, and thus Aether Pressure within the area.

Depth 5

The deepest and most turbulent layer of the Borderlands;
Great torrential Ravines which pore out from the world;

Depth 5 averages 70 Kilometers in width, but may fluctuate up to 10km erratically.

Anything that falls into a Ravine is Annihilated and/or suffers infinite Vacuous Damage.

Powers used here automatically fail.

Depth 4

The fractured outer layer of the Borderlands;
The world’s reality is warped and strange in this place;

Depth 4 will average 1400 Kilometers in width.

Powers used here suffer a Disadvantage.

Depth 3

The largest and most stable layer;

Depth 3 covers most of the Hollow’s Oceans, and the Nations and peoples therein averaging around 16000 Kilometers.

Depth 2

This layer circles the entire Observatory;
The Field Density is strong enough to feel on your mind;

Powers used here gain an Advantage.

Depth 1

The Observer’s Chamber;
The Field Density here is violent and incredibly dense;

Powers used here will automatically succeed, but their effects will also affect the user.


During the rise of DivSov, these near indestructible piles were built across the Borderlands. Resonating with the Observatory Spires, the signal they produced was proven to contain the more powerful Fae, but only on the Borderlands.

While the Pylons could trap Fae within the Borderlands, their Kin and Aberration remain unaffected. The damage caused by Fae incursion could be mitigated in this way, but it was only a short term solution.

Pylons line the Borderlands at Aether Depth 4, surrounding Depth 5.


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