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Hunters have a complicated relationship with the illusive Cainhurst Cult. Officially, given Cainhurst’s direct relationship with the Unseelie Court, Guild Ordinance dictates they be actively pursued. However, while their objectives are similar, Cainhurst fundamentally disagrees with the Unseelie Court’s methods, and will assist Hunters in the destruction of their mutual enemy. Cainhurst isn’t necessarily an enemy of the Hollow, but close tabs are keep on their activities and members.

Cainhurst is concerned more with individual evolution rather than collective divine ascension. The Unseelie Court believes in the sacrifice of individuality for god-like power, where Cainhurst is much more selfish. Further, Cainhurst is unlikely to experiment on even the most eager participant. They demand power, power which they do not intend on sharing. Little else is known about the Cult.

It is not likely that Cainhurst members commonly cultivate a Desperation Disease infection, unlike most other Cults, but given their reclusive nature, this is not known for certain.

There is an open Bounty on any and all information on Cainhurst.

There is an open Bounty on any and all information on Cainhurst leadership.

An active Ordinance calls for the pursuit of any Lead on Cainhurst.

Cult of Troika

Unlike most of the Cult Courts, the Troika worship the Observers as true and tangible deity. The Cult itself has a peaceful reputation with most everyone within the Hollow. Their Dogma is also the most popular and widely accepted religion, with good reason. Prayer, or Wish, is a ritualistic form of Mancy in which many individuals “pray” for a specific change within the World. This Wish has had real effects within the Hollow unmanageable by a single person using practical Mancy. That said, the Troika are rather bureaucratic; to make a Wish, a formal request must be made to the Cult which is placed in a queue of Wishes. Even then, the Wish must be approved by a Morality Board who judge the potential changes, and damage, the Wish could cause.

Wishes made by the Cult of Troika are monitored and logged by each Nation in which a Wish is made which are publicly accessible.

The Cult of Troika do not allow Desperation Disease Infections within their circles. If a member, or a potential member, becomes infected, they will be excommunicated until such time they have cured themselves.

A non-aggression Ordinance has been placed on the Cult of Troika.

Seelie Court

No immediate threat; the Seelie Court is devoted to ascension through the Fae. They understand the Hollow’s compulsion to survive as individuals, and thus “allow” them to defend the inland Nations and hunt down Giants. That said, they protest the Hunt of Fae and Desperation Disease Asylums, mission to convert as many followers as possible, and make pilgrimage to Kute-Class events in effort to cross the Great Wall and “become one with the Titans”; their gods.

There are of course a few radical seeds, and thought they are very politically active, they are mostly harmless. Although, there have been several instances of Asylum “jail-breaks”; Seelie members would abduct those who have reached Stage 3 infection, and ferry them to the Borderlands to be assimilated by the Fae.

Most, if not all, Seelie members are infected with Desperation Disease, but none ever reach Stage 3.

There is an open Bounty on any and all information on as well as the pursuit of Illicit Seelie Court activities, pilgrimage, jail-break, etc.

A non-aggression Ordinance has been placed on the Seelie Court protests and other non-violent activities.

The Triumvirate

They are arguably the most threatening Cultist Court within the Hollow. The Triumvirate are a terrorist organization whose goal is the release of the Titans from their prison to bring about Armageddon. They will ascend in the fires of the Fae’s majesty. Their members are often gathered from more radical cells of the Seelie Court who demand a more direct and all-inclusive route to divinity. They believe that no one should be exempt, or perhaps safe, from ascension;

“The peoples of the Hollow are meant to be gods, but they are too paralyzed by their fear borne of ignorance to see things clearly".

The Triumvirate members very few, or else they exist in tight-knit sleeper cells. Regardless, their actual influence within the world is unknown; its entirely possible they have infiltrated critical positions within the Hollow… awaiting activation.

It is unlikely that Triumvirate members cultivate a Desperation Disease infection; to keep appearances, as well as maintain their numbers, they would likely cure themselves, or avoid any situation in which they would become infected.

There is an open Bounty on any and all information on the Triumvirate.

There is an open Bounty on the location and dismantle of any Triumvirate cells.

There is an open Bounty on all Triumvirate Leadership.

An active Ordinance calls for the pursuit of any Lead on the Triumvirate.

Unseelie Court

This Cult should be actively pursued and dismantled; they are an immediate the present threat to the peoples of the Hollow. Unlike the Seelie Court who would beg for ascension from the Fae, the Unseelie Court demands their own evolution on their own terms. They recklessly experiment on living subjects who are either kidnapped or otherwise unwilling resulting in death at best, or else turning them into horrific Aberrations. Their work is a means to some sort of greater good; that the pain inflicted now will ultimately save the Hollow from the Fae. Their goal is to become gods themselves; to usurp their mortality and the Fae themselves.

Unseelie members are commonly infected with Desperation Disease, and many reach the Proliferation Stage, going hollow. However, the most devout members may undergo aberrant mutations. It is theorized that some form of Mancy warps the nature of the Disease, transforming the infected.

There is an open Bounty on any and all information on the Unseelie Court.

There is an open Bounty on the location and dismantle of any Unseelie Court cells.

There is an open Bounty on all Unseelie Court leadership and Aberrations.

An active Ordinance calls for the pursuit of any Lead on the Unseelie Court.

Cultist Courts

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