Desperation Disease

The World of the Hollow

Desperation Disease

Fae appear to act as conduits of the Desperation Disease; an aggressive neuro-cognitive virus which spreads through some form of invasive Neuromancy. The virus is not contained by the Pylon Grids, and appears to have an indefinite range of effect.

Those in close proximity to Giants seem to be at higher risk of the Disease, and it appears contagious. In fact, risk of infection dramatically increases proportional to the density of individuals already suffers from the Disease.

Stage One: Infection

The subject will experience strange dreams which they will be unable to recall, mood-swings, emotionally and physically overwhelming intrusive thoughts, auditory and visual hallucinations, and an inability to use Mancy.

Stage Two: Incubation

If an infected subject feels a sense of revelation, move to a quarantine zone, and immediately apply anti-entheogens. This is a sign of Disease Proliferation.

Stage Three: Proliferation

Sometimes called Hollowing, fully Proliferated Desperation Disease causes those infected to forego any means of self-preservation, and arrests most motor functions. It also appears to suppress the subjects ability to produce an Aura.

At this stage, the Disease cannot be cured.

Stage Three B: Mutation

Those who resist Desperation Disease are still doomed. Contingent or otherwise, the act of resisting produces horrific results. The Disease will continue to shred the mind, but no longer demands control. Instead, the infected’s body begins to transform into a more capable vehicle of transmission.

Human will become Flayers, Divine will transform into Wendigo, and Terrasque into mad Hybrids.

Daemon who resist the influence of Desperation are utterly destroy. The organisms which exist symbiotically as one Daemon violently devour one another, killing the Daemon.

Stage Three B2: Calcification

Resistant infected will progress through several stages of mutation, but all will meet an inevitable end: calcification. Cells will being to degenerate to a critical state, and eventually turn the infected to brittle stone.

Desperation Disease

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