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Characters will often acquire Equipment they have no use for. To this, the Character may attempt to barter the Equipment in trade, or they may choose to simply Disassemble. Disassembly is often used in the field if a Hunter has exceeded their Encumbrance.

Disassembling a piece of Equipment permanently removes the item from the Character, converting it into Glass equal to the Orichalcum Cost of the piece of Equipment. Characters may Disassemble Equipment anywhere.

Illicit Equipment and materials cannot be Condensed or Disassembled.


Any Equipment with the RESTRICTED descriptor cannot be obtained at Character Creation, and is difficult to find out in the field. Only Characters within a Guild and of the appropriate Guild Rank may purchase and/or use RESTRICTED Equipment. Any RESTRICTED Equipment obtained outside of a Guild is immediately considered ILLICIT.

Equipment considered ILLICIT are incredibly dangerous, and are only trusted to Hunters who have proven themselves. ILLICIT items must be delivered to the Character’s Guild Quartermaster upon retrieval, but the Character may obtain license to keep and use the item through a Guild Quartermaster if they are of appropriate Guild Ranking.

Any Equipment with the n/a descriptor cannot be obtained conventionally; the Character must be fortunate enough to find such Equipment within the World.

Equipment Rating

Most Equipment has a Rating based upon its quality. By default, and as listed, Equipment has a Rating of 1. The maximum Rating of any piece of Equipment is 6, but it is not unheard of to find Equipment of higher Rating in the field.

Any Equipment above Rating 3 is automatically considered RESTRICTED; any Equipment above Rating 6 is considered n/a.

Equipment Weight

Most, if not all, Equipment has a Weight which affects the character’s Encumbrance. Weight is not simply a matter of burdened mass; it also affects the character’s mobility. If a Character is carrying more Weight than they have Encumbrance, they begin taking penalties.

Equipment Nodes

Most pieces of Equipment are controlled by a Biological Lock. By default, the Node’s Signal is turned off, and only Direct Access is available. This will allow the purchasing Character first Administrative Access to that Node. It is advised that the Signal of Equipment Nodes remain minimal.

Equipment Nodes have a Firewall and System equal to its Rating.

Melee Weapons


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