Key Terms

The World of the Hollow


A shapeless plane of uncollapsed information from which all energy and matter within the cosmos may spring.

The Reality Engine at the center of the Hollow stretches this plane, creating the shell of the world.


Nyx uses this term to refer to, specifically, “this” Hollow. The Hollow appears to be a term coined only by those who inhabit it. Nyx neglected to provide further insight into additional Hollows present within the cosmos.


Because many races exist within the Hollow, its peoples are refereed to as Eros or The Eros. This name originates from Nyx. Interestingly, Nyx refers to “the many entities which have and will exist within this Hollow” as such.

The Aether

A powerful, physically undetectable signal produced by the Observer Spires within the Hollow. The signal itself appears to resonate with Chaos; programming space within the Hollow for quantum collapse. To this end, the Hollow requires inhabitants for Reality within it to exist.

While the Signal cannot be measured, it can be influenced by Conscious beings. This practiced has been refereed to as Wishing.


All space outside the Hollow was refereed to as Ouranos by Nyx.

Key Terms

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