Medical Technology

The World of the Hollow


Through bio and genetic engineering and the advent of biotic augmentation, infection, disease, and defect, even cancer, have been almost entirely eradicated. That which remains is little more easily managed with medication. Injuries which once left permanent, crippling side effects have become little more than a minor inconvenience. Even the process of ageing has become arbitrary.

New-age biology has made it difficult for pathogens and toxins to compromise the health of an individual. Sickness and poison should never kill anyone. The effects of that which would mean “certain death” would be slowed to the point where the enfeebled would have ample time to obtain treatment.

Engineered pathogens and toxins are more threatening, but can be managed given enough time for treatment. Additionally, bio-weapon capable of real damage would be difficult to control, and could easily be traced back to a source. Such an attack would be a waste of time; the damage dealt would be insignificant, mitigated by contemporary medicine, and quickly quarantined and cured.

Biology can be cloned, modified, and transplanted, but cannot be generated.
Biology can be simulated by artificial construct, but can only accommodate Aura.
Neurons are difficult to simulate, and cannot produce Aura without a host.


Enhanced organs have replaced under-performing natural biology, and have become ingrained in the very DNA of each species. True evolution has been cast aside where bio and genetic engineering is capable of more accessible and efficient solutions to biological limitations.

While new organs may be cloned, cultivated, and modified from extracted and reprogrammed stem cells, the Hollow lacks the technology to build unique biology from scratch.


The Divine had always been pressed on resources, and developed a technology which would sustain their kind as they fled the Fae.

Upon reaching an age at which their body is beginning to show signs of failure, or if their body experiences a great amount of trauma which cannot be recovered naturally, a person may be placed on Palingenetic Stasis. While in this Stasis, they enter a coma-like state, and any damage a person has sustained, down to the genetic level, is repaired. Their body is restored to a state of youth and perfect health. This process usually takes several decades to complete depending on the state of the body prior to dropping into Stasis. If Palingenesis is interrupted, serious injury or death may occur.

Palingenesis is available at any Urban Corridor, although space is limited, and only a Nation with which the Character is allied will accept them.

Side Effects

In order to compensate for damage to a person’s genetic structure, which most everyone will experience, some genes must be repaired or replaced. Thus, after every session of Stasis, a person’s physical appearance, and even their personality will change. Usually, these changes are subtle at first, and their personality will remain intact through several cycles, but physical changes become apparent after only two or three cycles of Palingenesis. There have been occurrences, though rare, of someone completely changing after a single session in Stasis, but this only usually occurs after exposure to high levels of radiation, massive trauma to the body, or direct exposure to Central Dogma.

Besides this, memories from distant cycles, or information which a Character no longer holds strong attachment to are often forgotten. It is possible that a person may exist from the Lost Age, or beyond, but not realize it as their memory of that time has been lost.

Medical Technology

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