Fae Kin

Illusive wisping fragments capable of imitating matter they come into contact with.

As their name suggests, Mimics often act a spies for their brethren Kin, capable of imitating the properties of anything they touch.

Kute-class, Medium
Weight 8

Awareness +2 Willpower 9
Phy Soak 2 Special Soak 4
Protection 2, coverage 4 Insulation 3, coverage 4
Health 54 Critical Health 7
Speed 11, freedom Encumbrance 11
Bashing Resistance
Piercing Weakness
Slashing Neutral
Suppression Neutral
Electrical Neutral
Thermal Weakness
Vacuous Neutral


Ala 5 Fit 1 Int 4 Res 3


Ballistic 13
Melee 9
Neuromancy 12
Traparmetry 10
Acrobatics 9
Athletics 1
Larceny 8
Stealth 10
Deception 5
Judgement 4
Presence 1
Reasoning 3

Passive Qualities

Reality Impaired

If the Kin passes into Aether Depth 2 or 1, their Soak will be reduced to 0.

Active Abilities

Flashfire (Traparmetry, Conjuration)

As a Ballistic Attack Action, the Kin deals 2d6 + 6 Thermal Damage in a 3 Square long 5 Square wide Cone. Fog and changes made to Terrain by Quake are removed within this AoE, and damaged targets are knocked Prone.

For every point of Thermal Damage Taken, the target will suffer a Poison Token.

Additionally, Isolate Damaged targets within Touch Range until the beginning of the Kin’s next Turn.

Melee Attacks

Melee Attacks deals 2d6 + 9 Vacuous Damage.


The Kin may assume to appearance and properties of any Small, Medium or Large Sized Object within Touch Range as a Swift Action. The Kin may recover its form as a Swift Action. The Kin cannot take any other Action while Shapechanged.

Stats remain unchanged.


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