Fae Kin

Illusive wisping fragments capable of imitating matter they come into contact with.

As their name suggests, Mimics often act a spies for their brethren Kin, capable of imitating the properties of anything they touch.

Kute-class, Medium
Weight 8

Awareness 0 Willpower 10
Phy Soak 3 Special Soak 5
Health 27 Critical Health 7
Speed 12, freedom Encumbrance 10
Bashing Resistance
Piercing Weakness
Slashing Neutral
Suppression Neutral
Electrical Neutral
Thermal Weakness
Vacuous Neutral
Osmium Weakness


Ala 5 Fit 1 Int 4 Res 3


Ballistic 11
Melee 9
Neuromancy 12
Acrobatics 11
Athletics 4
Larceny 8
Stealth 11
Deception 5
Judgement 4
Presence 1
Reasoning 3

Passive Qualities

Reality Impaired

If the Kin passes into Aether Depth 2 or 1, their Soak will be reduced to 0.

Active Abilities

Flashbulb (Traparmetry, Conjuration)

Deal 2d6 + 5 Thermal Damage in a Close Range Arc. Fog and changes made to Terrain by Quake are removed within this AoE, and damaged targets are knocked Prone. Targets unable to Dodge will be Stunned.

A Successful Dodge will reduce this Damage by half and prevent being knocked Prone.

Melee Attacks

Melee Attacks deals 2d6 + 5 Vacuous Damage.


The Kin may assume to appearance and properties of any Small, Medium or Large Sized Object within Touch Range as a Swift Action. The Kin may recover its form as a Swift Action. The Kin cannot take any other Action while Shapechanged.

Stats remain unchanged.


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