Orichalcum Factories

The World of the Hollow

The citizens of the Hollow do not face scarcity of necessity. Shelter, electricity, and nourishment requirements are easily provided to everyone, albeit occasionally on the bleeding edge of healthy existence. Still, poverty within the Hollow of unheard of, and stronger Nations often provide a guaranteed monthly stipend of Ore to each of it’s citizens.

Hunters, however, must forgo this Ore stipend as tribute for their title and place within their Guild.

Economic stress is only present when reflected against the fight against the Fae where vast resources are required to mitigate attrition warfare. Thus, Ore remains a currency standard in the trade of exotic or else luxury item which are not necessary for basic survival.


Factories are capable of drawing energy from Chaos, and condensing this energy into a Quark-Gluon soup. These structures burrow deep into the world’s shell, touching Chaos itself. Factories may use this Soup to forge any non-radioactive base element. Forging a material is a time consuming process; a single gram of Iron takes 17 minutes to condense, but the nature of Chaos creates a virtually infinite supply of resources and energy.

Settlements will often be centered around these facilities are they are both used as a hub for energy as well as universal manufacturing plants.


Creating the Quark-Gluon Soup also takes a dramatic amount of time. Excess Soup is held within Storage Batteries within each Factory, but space and the number of Batteries within the world are limited. Orichalcum is the unit used to measure this Soup, and is also used as a currency standard within the Hollow. A single unit of Ore is a single Share in the world’s Quark-Gluon storage.

Orichalcum Factories

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