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A Quantum Bio-engineering Meta-material of Fae origin. Such a technology had never been seen within the Hollow, and its presence would change everything.

Upon the death of a Fae, the body rapidly evaporates, but occasionally a few fragments of the being will remain. These Vitrified Remains may then be salvaged by a Hunter for later use. In their crystallized state, these Remains are completely inert. However, through a process of transposition, they may be restored to a usable form: Plastids.

Vitrified Remains are incredibly Illicit material; forbidden from export from the Borderlands. The Marshals have monopolized their containment and distribution, and the transposition of Plastids. These potentially dangerous artifacts, and thus must be relinquished immediately to Borderlands Marshals upon acquisition.

Synthesizing Plastids

Each Plastid is capable of endless configuration like that of plant cells, but each maintains properties of a Neuron. As a requirement for their creation, Plastids are made compatible with a single consciousness. That is, once a Plastid is created, it is bound to and may only be used to craft Meta-biotics for one being.

Stealing Plastids coffers nothing; one cannot “re-link” Plastids… with current technology.

Plastids may be synthesized from Vitrified Remains through a process known as Transposition. Transposition requires Special Facilities which remain exclusively within Marshal Forts across the Borderlands. This means a Hunter must request the assistance of the Marshals to Transpose Plastids as well as weave Meta-biotics. The act of Transposing Plastids takes time and an incredible amount of energy, and thus requires a fee in Ore.

Transposing Plastids requires a Long Non-Combat Action and 1 Ore per 1 Plastid produced.


Links between Plastids are quantum-locked to the Character’s consciousness, and can never be separated short of their destruction. In this way, the range at which a Character may connect with their Plastids is theoretically infinite. Further, if a Character’s body is ever destroyed their consciousness will re-inhabit the nearest and largest cluster of Plastids they are linked to a few hours, or after a Long Non-Combat Action, after their “death”. This time can vary depending on distance.

Beings capable of the above are known as Meta-entities.

While a Character could simply replace their previous form with Meta-biotics limb by limb, they could choose to simply construct an entirely new and separate body. The Character may only inhabit and control a single body at any one time, and they will spend a Long Non-Combat Action to switch between bodies. Bodies may be located anywhere within the Hollow, and technically any Plastid is considered a “body”, but inhabiting a single Plastid is ill-advised as they may take no Action apart from Mancy.

Characters will maintain their Skill Ranks no matter what body they use, but their Attributes and equipment are unique to each body they construct. Each Body begins with 1 Rank in each Attribute which must be modified individually. Characters should also take care to secure their currently unoccupied bodies, and while their Meta-biotic bodies might survive indefinitely, unmodified forms will require life-support.




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