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These are abilities the Character may use in and outside of combat which utilize the Character’s Discipline Skills.

The Character may purchase a Power, or Power specific Perk, at the cost of a single Mastery Point.

Please note, that all Powers and Perks will require a certain Rank in their specified Discipline to use.


Cantrips are abilities which the Character will immediately have access to once they have obtained the appropriate Skill Rank required for use. The Character does not need to buy Cantrips.

Mancy Charges

Mancy Charges are the currency used to power Powers. A Character will be allowed a number of Mancy Charges equal to their Integrity Rank. Once a Power is activated, regardless of its effectiveness, the charge is consumed. Charges will not be consumed if the Character fails their Discipline Skill Test.

A Character may recover all their Mancy Charges after a Long Rest.

Using Powers

Power may only be used if the Character’s Aura is Active. Think of a Power as a piece of Equipment or as a Consumable: if you have access to the Power, you may use the Power as it is described as part of a Complex Action. To Active a Power, the Character will roll a Test with a Threshold equal to the Discipline Skill Rank which governs the Power. If this Threshold is not broken, a single Mancy Charge is consumed, and the Power is successfully Activated.

Using Neuromancy

Similar to other Powers, the Character must roll a Neuromancy Threshold Test versus their target. If successful, a Mancy Charge is consumed, and the Power’s effects are activated.

Neuromancy may only be used against targets that are capable of producing an Aura. Additonally, the target’s Aura must be Active. If the Target’s Aura is Inactive, Neuromancy may only be used at Touch Range.

Neuromancy cannot be used through the NeuNet.

Mancy Powers


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