Fae Kin

Haggard and charred corpses, their skull and arms stripped apart hiding gnashing teeth and cosmic red pin-pricks behind tendrils of black smoke.

Pursuer were once Eros, warped during the Lost Age by the Fae. Each Pursuer will attack only a single mark; it is theorized their purpose is to eliminate targets deemed problematic by the Fae. Hunters often measure their worth by the number of Pursuer attempts on their life.

Vascude-class, Large
Weight 22


Awareness 0 Willpower 12
Phy Soak 6 Special Soak 5
Health 33 Critical Health 12
Speed 14, fly Encumbrance 15
Bashing Resistance
Piercing Weakness
Slashing Neutral
Suppression Neutral
Electrical Neutral
Thermal Weakness
Vacuous Neutral
Osmium Weakness


Ala 4 Fit 6 Int 7 Res 5


Ballistic 9
Melee 11
Neuromancy 12
Acrobatics 10
Athletics 12
Larceny 10
Stealth 10
Deception 4
Judgement 7
Presence 6
Reasoning 5

Passive Qualities

Reality Impaired

If the Kin passes into Aether Depth 2 or 1, their Soak will be reduced to 0.

Active Abilities

Melee Attack

Melee Attacks will deal 1d6 + 6 Thermal Damage.

Magnetize (Traparmetry, Evocation)

All NeuNet connections within Close Range cease function until the beginning of the Character’s next Turn. All targets within Close Range suffer a -3 penalty to Powers until the beginning of the Character’s next Turn. All targets struck gain a Weakness to Electrical and Thermal Damage for the next 3 Rounds, or until the target uses Turbulence itself.


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