Fae Kin

Haggard and charred corpses, their skull and arms stripped apart hiding gnashing teeth and cosmic red pin-pricks behind tendrils of black smoke.

Pursuer were once Eros, warped during the Lost Age by the Fae. Each Pursuer will attack only a single mark; it is theorized their purpose is to eliminate targets deemed problematic by the Fae. Hunters often measure their worth by the number of Pursuer attempts on their life.

Vascude-class, Large
Weight 22


Awareness +2 Willpower 11
Phy Soak 7 Special Soak 6
Protection 3, coverage 8 Insulation 4, coverage 8
Health 66 Critical Health 12
Speed 13, fly Encumbrance 16
Bashing Resistance
Piercing Weakness
Slashing Neutral
Suppression Neutral
Electrical Neutral
Thermal Weakness
Vacuous Neutral


Ala 4 Fit 6 Int 7 Res 5


Ballistic 9
Melee 13
Alchemy 9
Neuromancy 12
Acrobatics 9
Athletics 9
Larceny 4
Stealth 4
Deception 7
Judgement 10
Presence 9
Reasoning 8

Passive Qualities

Reality Impaired

If the Kin passes into Aether Depth 2 or 1, their Soak will be reduced to 0.

Turbulent Presence

All NeuNet connections within Close Range cease function until the beginning of the Kin. All targets within Close Range suffer a Disadvantage to Powers until the beginning of the Character’s next Turn.

Active Abilities


As a Complex Action, the Kin gains full control over the target and their Actions within Close Range until the Kin is destroyed.

The target is immediately infected with Desperation Disease.

This is a Shaping Effect.

Melee Attack

Melee Attacks will deal 1d6 + 7 Bashing Damage, and an additional 1d6 Psychic Damage.

Hold (Abjuration, Conjuration)

The Kin makes a Ballistic Attack Action against a single target within Close Range. If successful, the target Entangled until the beginning of the Kin’s next Turn.


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