Fae Kin

A formless smoking mass of violent, shredding otherworldly black tendrils.

Stalkers are hulking monstrosities; rage and lament held together by willpower alone. They hold no allegiance to the Fae, and will act aggressively toward anything even their brethren Kin. Despite their impressive size, they act more as assassins.

Vascude-class, Huge
Weight 23


Awareness 0 Willpower 12
Phy Soak 5 Special Soak 4
Health 42 Critical Health 11
Speed 15, freedom Encumbrance 14
Bashing Resistance
Piercing Weakness
Slashing Neutral
Suppression Neutral
Electrical Neutral
Thermal Weakness
Vacuous Neutral
Osmium Weakness


Ala 6 Fit 5 Int 7 Res 4


Ballistic 9
Melee 11
Neuromancy 12
Acrobatics 9
Athletics 11
Larceny 12
Stealth 12
Deception 6
Judgement 7
Presence 5
Reasoning 4

Passive Qualities

Black Blade

Melee Attack Actions made against Flat-Footed targets will ignore the target’s Armor Coverage, deal an additional 1d6 Piercing Damage, and then knocked the target Prone.

Reality Impaired

If the Kin passes into Aether Depth 2 or 1, their Soak will be reduced to 0.

Active Abilities

Melee Attacks

Melee Attacks will strike up to 2 targets within Close Range, and deals 1d6 + 5 Magnum Piercing Damage.

Snapbolt (Biomancy, Conjuration)

As a Swift Action, the Kin makes a Ballistic Attack Action against a target within Medium Range. If successful, deal 1d6 + 9 Electrical Damage to the target.


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