Structure of the World


The Reality Engine

At the center of the Hollow exists a massive piece of kit called a Reality Engine which holds Chaos ajar allowing the Observers to construct Reality within. The machine also houses Nyx, the Demiurge AI which permeates all technology native to the Hollow.

The SSV Erebus, a colossal spinship used by the first Human colonists, is currently docked with the Reality Engine in Quantum Stasis.

The Reality Engine produces heat and light, simulating the world’s Sun, and maintaining a day and night cycle as the entire machine phases across space-time within the Hollow.

The Shell

The Hollow, as its name suggests, exists on the interior of a hollowed sphere. The shell of the world is covered in a vast ocean teeming with countless forms of life, and dotted with small islands also covered in primitive flora and fauna.

Beyond this material shell, a mere 6000 kilometers below sea-level, reality becomes warped and strange as it degenerates into Chaos.

The total circumference of the Hollow is similar to that of an Earth-like planet (about 40000 kilometers). However, the total volume of the world is much larger than it should be. The distance to the “Sun” is comparable to that of the distance of Earth to its own star. This makes the Hollow more than a simple Dyson Sphere; the volume of space becomes greater the closer you get to the center of the world.

Stranger still, since the Hollow exists within the interior of a sphere, one could look up past the Sun and see the Region behind it. Please note that time, in this way, is also affected; the image of that Region one may see is the state of that Nation almost 14 minutes in the past prior to them looking up.

Day and Night

Because the Hollow does not orbit a star in the traditional sense, its day and night cycles are also just as peculiar. Throughout a 48 hour period, known as a full cycle, the light emitted from the Reality Engine shifts between extremes of the light spectrum.

A cycle can be said to start after a Red-Shifted night, during which the Hollow is bathed in dim red light. This night lasts 16 Hours as it slowly shifts back through the electromagnetic spectrum towards Daytime. Daytime will then last 8 Hours before falling into a Blue-Shifted night where the World grows incredibly dark, covering the world in deep blue or violet light. Blue-Shifts last 12 hours and are followed by another 12 hour Daytime period before this cycle begins again.

Days occur simultaneously across the Hollow.

Structure of the World

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