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Who is the Character?

Characters within the Hollow are known as Hunters; individuals given exclusive privileges so long as they protect the people of the Hollow and uphold the will of their Guild.

A Hunter’s chief responsibility is the destruction of Aberration, Cultists, the Fae and their Kin.

Character Creation

To begin, please choose:

The Character’s Race
The Character’s Native Region
The Character’s Guild
The Character’s Native Language
And the Character’s Second Language

Upon Character Creation, the Character will be provided:

9 Attribute Points, see Attributes
28 Skill Points, see Skills
3 Mastery Points, see Perks and/or Powers
60 Orichalcum, see Equipment

The Maximum Rank of any Skill is 15.
The Maximum Rank of any Attribute is 6.

Races of the Hollow

The Character

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