The Fae

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The Fae are acasual beings which invaded the Hollow several centuries ago plunging the world into darkness. Thankfully, their existence is almost exclusively restricted to the Borderlands, but their influence can be felt across the Hollow. Their motivations are unknowable, but demands more than the simple destruction of life. They may even hold life precious, in an incomprehensible way.

If anything is truly known about the Fae, they are not naturally occurring.
The Fae were built.

Inherent Fae Traits

Annihilation and Shaping

When a Fae touches matter unprotected by an Aura, it will experience total existential deconstruction: Annihilation. Targets who are Annihilated suffer infinite Damage; this includes their Equipment.

Shaping is not Mancy, it is NOT Mancy. Where Mancy bends the rules of Reality, manipulating Fields and Particles, Shaping is acausal. In this way, Fae will is absolute against unconscious Reality.

Targets with an Active Aura are immune to Annihilation and Shaping.

Trapped within the Grid

Giants are trapped within the Pylon Grids, and may not move beyond Aether Depth 4.

Titans are completely incapable of interacting with the Hollow.

Giant-Class Fae

Titans, being incapable of direct access to the Hollow, appear to have constructed these immense beings as a means of exacting their will. They possess the ability to infect the minds of those within the Hollow as conduits of Desperation Disease regardless of the Aether and their distance. Further, their proximity is hazardous, annihilating unprotected matter, and corrupting those foolish enough to oppose their will.

Giants are an immediate and ever present threat to existence within the Hollow that’s influence is so readily observable, but their numbers are limited so long as the Titan’s are trapped behind the Pylon Grids. Their’s is a war of attrition… at least for the moment.

Titan-Class Fae

Titans are seething cataclysmic beings, the presence of which posses an immediate existential threat. Their true form is unknown, and the Aether appears to have literally crushed them against Chaos within the walls of the Hollow. Pylons amplify the Aether, but were a Grid to fail, a Titan could Breach the Hollow.

During a Breach, the Titan is capable of expanding its Island of Reality. This gateway works both ways: the Titan will deploy Giants, but becomes vulnerable to invasion by those brave, or crazy, enough. This Island of Reality has been described as a vast dreamscape, the pressure of the Titan ever present but never made physical. To challenge a Titan is more like a battle of wills.

The Fae

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