The World of the Hollow


An energy signal of unknown origin is detected by Earth. The signal itself was not directed at Earth, but reflected by Mercury; the planet acting like a massive antenna.

This signal would eventually lead them to The Hollow.

A new Space Race erupts across Earth, everyone competing to be the first to crack faster-than-light travel. Decades later, the Farcaster and Spinship are developed: when used together, capable of FTL travel.


Nearly 33000 individuals are chosen amongst millions of volunteers to make the 360000 light-year journey toward a promise made over a century ago. A one-way trip to a unknown destination. The largest Spinship, christened the SSV Erebus, is launched through the Hades Farcaster. The would-be colonists within the Erebus would experience only 18 years, but nearly 400 years would pass by the time they drop out of Warp.


The Erebus drops out of Warp short of its destination; the Farcaster missed. Emergency staff are awoken from Stasis to assess the situation, but without proper star maps, long distance scanning would be like finding a cosmic needle in a endless hay stack.

After several decades of searching for an alternative home, the Erebus receives an unexpected message. They had been contacted by an alien race now known as the Daemon. The Daemon inform the Humans that they’d received the same signal some 500 years ago, and that the Erebus was a mere 40 light-years from its intended destination.

Without a Farcaster, the Erebus would travel at near-light speed for a few more decades, but now they had a name for their destination: a Hollow.


The Erebus arrives within the Hollow, meeting the Daemon face to face. The first Human settlement within the Hollow, Kora, is Founded.


Peterborough Lustreless, publishes his research on the Observers, conscious effects on their Aether, and Wishing, and founds what would become the Cult of Troika: a theology based on the Observers, their ability to shape Reality, and Eros ability to influence them.


Contact is made with an alien raced now known as the Divine. They ask for respite and trade, but also warn the Hollow of an imminent threat. They feverishly advise that the inhabitants of the Hollow flee. The colonists refuse.


An anomalous acasual structure is detected; the Hollow is Locked preventing anything from invading or escaping its walls.

This structure was likely what is now know as the Titan-class Fae, but records of these events have since been lost, corrupted, or destroyed.

The Lost Age

The Lost Age occurred as a direct result of the Hollow’s sudden closure, and may have lasted for perhaps 100 years or more. During this time, Fae and their Kin flooded the Hollow, machines are corrupted and turn on their masters, and nearly half the population are infected with Desperation Disease. Energy Factories had ceased production, causing universal resource scarcity, communication with the Erebus was cut, severing connectivity with the vessel’s mass communication network, the Library information hub, and Nyx.

Wacky Fun Times.

Hundreds of years of technological advance was made too resource intensive to replicate, or lost completely.


During the Lost Age, a group of Divine engineers began restoring Factories in exchange for protection and political support. The group will later annex Jaqek, Kingdom, and most of Onyx, calling itself the Divine Sovereignty, or DivSov.

Lar’Engel remains under the authority of their King and counsel, supporting themselves through rich Osmium mines.

With the founding of DivSov, the Reclamation beings, and a new Calendar is constructed.

AR56 – AR122

DivSov construct the Pylon Grids to stabilize the Borderlands founding the Marshals to both protect the Pylons and patrol the Borderlands for aberrant threats. The Pylons would prevent further Fae incursion through the fractured skin of the world, and contain the more powerful Giant-class Fae to the deeper Borderlands.


A year of discovery.

Anti-Entheogens, a means to inoculate those infected with Desperation Disease, is successfully synthesized by the DivSov Biomancer Upton Dye. Manufacture, distribution, and license remains controlled by DivSov.

Machine Locks, the building blocks of the Neural Network, are successfully built by the Neuromancer Gloucester Whitewind.

Vitrified remains of a Giant are successfully converted into workable Plastids by the Marshal Biomancer London Polymath. The export of Plastid and Vitrified Salvage from the Borderlands is subsequently banned.

AR162 – AR182

Jaqek is a Breached: two of the Nation’s Observatory Spires are shattered, and a Kute-class Reality Maelstrom forms over the capital Serebryanka. DivSov quickly Quarantines the Nation; containing the Fae, but trapping the people in hell.

Although Desperation Disease was mitigated by Anti-Entheogen, the NeuNet proved a dangerously effective delivery system for infection. A user carrying the Disease could infect others through their Avatar. Onyx State suffers an uncontrollable outbreak, and the Nation would construct the first Asylum to house and research those infected.


The Breach was a constant stress upon the world, and DivSov resources were beginning spread thin. The Sovereignty could not both keep their blockade and maintain public confidence and security. The Hunters were founded to relieve pressure from DivSov forces, and reduce public unrest by fighting the Fae head-on. They would act as symbols, heroes.

AR182 – AR193

The Jaqek Breach is eventually closed by the first Hunters, with assistance from the Lar’Engel Royal Fleet. Lar’Engel forces begin occupying Jaqek, securing and fortifying the Nation, and providing aid to the surviving citizens. Lar’Engel officially annexes Jaqek, defying DivSov. Onyx would also come to aggressively deny DivSov control over the Nation’s Asylum.

Around this time, the miracle, Acacia, was discovered in Jaqek which likely encouraged the King’s political takeover of the Nation.

The Onyx State Special Tasks Group, the first Hunter’s Guild, is founded. Public confidence has begun to shift from DivSov to the more proactive Hunters.

AR194 – AR213

The 7th Borderlands are Breached, and a massive anomalous object erupts from the Reality Maelstrom. The Object completely reconfigured the geography of Minerva, transforming the since uninhabited Region into a no man’s land. From this Object, an alien species to manifests. Further, these Terrasque claim to have built to Object, and deny any association with the Fae. Although, they do not hide their interest in them scientifically.

Minerva is immediately Quarantined by DivSov, containing the very few and only Terrasque within Minerva. Just they had done to Jaqek. While the Second Breach was more easily dealt with with newly developed kit, and Hunters trained as such, the Terrasque were dying slowly of exposure. Relief was rarely offered to the Terrasque as DivSov was fanatically skeptical of their arrival. It would appear as though DivSov would contain the ‘problem’ until it went away…

AR206 – AR214

DivSov continues to pressure Onyx to surrender authority of their Asylum while Onyx demands that proper care be provided to those still refugeed by the First Breach as well as the long destitute Terrasque.

Onyx secede from DivSov, founding Onyx State. DivSov is asked politely to remove all forces from Onyx State Regions. DivSov responds by shutting down the Nation’s Factory, and cutting off Anti-Entheogen supplies.

This goes well.


Edinburgh Maccus, a DivSov Factory Engineer, defects to Onyx State; the Sovereignty no longer holds a monopoly on Factory repair. DivSov support begins to disappear as Hunter’s Guilds are allowed more strength and authority by their sponsoring Regions.

A new Anti-entheogens synthesis process if discovered in Kamatite, a material of Terrasque origins.


It is not known what prompted the Divine Sovereignty to stage a surprise attack on Lar’Engel forces within Jaqek, but the Two Hour War would cripple the King’s Fleet and result in DivSov’s fall. It is likely DivSov was attempting to seize control of the Acacia Fields to maintain their forces or create a new monopoly. Regardless, the conflict razed the feilds, turing Acacia into a precious and limited commodity.

Lar’Engel would abandon their control of Jaqek, the devastated Royal Fleet leaving the shattered comrades behind. The Gang Lords which would come to control the Region made clear their harsh restrictions on visitors, and have ordered no Nation to provide ‘support’ without the unanimous permission of all Gang Lords.

After the War, the majority of DivSov officers and supporters were abandoned while its leadership and surviving fleet who fled to their subterranean fortress, the Heart, sealing it behind them.


Your story beings here, Hunter.


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